Rethink application configurations and monitoring. Use Congether to centralize your software-configurations and analyze the behavior of your solutions - from a single place.

You’ve published your Application? Whats next!?

Congether gives you the tools and APIs to manage your software properly. 

Centralized Configurations

Centralizing your application-configurations is key, if you want to withstand in a modern world – full of micro-services. Use Congether Conductor to simply create hierarchical configurations and control the behavior of your applications from a single place.

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Monitoring your software

Applications are becoming more complex – and agile development will not make it any better. To keep track of your software, use Congether Tracer to monitor the events or metrics of your application. Collect them in one place and analyze them to be able to identify problems – before your customers do.

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Find out how centralized configuration- and monitoring-strategies can improve your application-lifecycle and software-quality.


Keep an eye on your applications

With this tools, you have a service at your hands, which helps you at each application-stage after the development. With open APIs and open-source SDKs, you can connect your application to Congether with a flick of the fingers.  At the top – privacy is a huge topic, when it comes to tracing informations installation- or device-bound and applications, which is in use by customers. Congether is already prepared to give you different privacy-options, which each customer can handle. 

Cross-Platform, Docker and Cloud

Congether is available as a cross-platform application. You can use it as a Docker-Image, predefined Docker-Packages, Cloud or VM-Images. Of course you can install it manually for Linux, Windows and macOS.

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Open SDKs

To make it simple as possible, we provide several SDKs for different frameworks and languages. 
Feel free, to use the open-source SDKs or develop one of your own.

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Simple APIs

With the Congether Endpoint API, you can use Congether in your applications without having a SDK. So every platform and every device, which is able to perform HTTP-requests can use Congether.

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Privacy included

The SDKs and also the Congether Service accepts different privacy-options for the application endpoints. Congether will automatically remove or pseudonymize your personal data based on the choosed privacy-policy.

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