Announcing: Congether 1.2

Announcing: Congether 1.2

We are exited to announce the release of Congether 1.2 (March Update).

In this update, you’ll see a few new refinements, which were implemented due to the customer-feedbacks.

UI Refinements

This new version provides a few UI-Refinements like better contrasts due to a new background and consistent use of subtle animations. Enhanced user-experience and usability while using large lists like devices or installations.

Refined UI

Improved Tracer Analyzer

The installation- and device-filter has been dramatically optimized. Analyzer will now validate your entered installation- or device-identifier, before you send your query-request. This will help you to avoid mistakes and improves the work with this tool.

Windows Installations

Tired of using the fancy Docker-Images or Linux-Hosts for your Congether-environment? Now there’s a solution for hosting Congether on Windows! We provide a new PowerShell-Script, which will install .NET Core and Congether on your Windows-machine.

Find out more in the install-docs.


For more informations, please review the changelog.

We wish you much fun with Congether!