Congether 2 released!

Congether 2 released!

It’s time for a refresh! We’re proud to announce Congether 2.0. This new release give you much more practical tools and better productivity, managing your apps.

A new user-interface

For more productivity, a completely redesigned interface is available. Much more cleaner, intuitive and consistent than before.

Sleek UI and intuitive tools for better productivity

You want to group your devices and installations? You get groups!

A very often requested feature is now available. Groups! Reference your devices and installations to specific groups to manage them even better. Plus – you can now use Conductor with groups and set specific configuration-sets for each of your group.

Groups for devices and installations

Connecting to the world through WebHooks

In Congether 2, you have much more possibilities to keep an eye of your apps. Set your Tracer log-events to “warning” or “error”, or set thresholds for your metrics. In case of specific events you can now add services, which will receive WebHook-Messages.

Service WebHooks

Security is everything. Better control for application-endpoints

You can now create multiple app-credentials for each application. In case of a fraud, you’re able to simply revoke a credential and keep malicious clients out.


The new release contains a lot of fine rework at each corner. From a better handling of your applications, to the optimized configuration-set-editor, down to a much more intuitive Tracer-Analyzer.

Try Congether 2 to find out how simply it is to configure and monitor your applications from anywhere.