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Congether Endpoint Web API

The Endpoint-API handles all modules and will give you an simple interface for communicating between Congether and your application.

API-Documentation (OpenAPI)

The target of the available APIs is simple – make it simple to connect your application with Congether. And to achieve this, all our APIs will be available with a Swagger/OpenAPI Documentation. You can use this OpenAPI-Documentation with different test-clients (e.g. Postman), automatically generating your client-code (e.g. with SwaggerGen, NSwagStudio, etc.) and much more.

You can get the API Documentation for the Endpoint-API here:


For more informations, how the authentication and content-signing is used, please look at following documentation.

Manifest (/manifest)

The Endpoint-API gives you several actions to work with Congether. The topmost action is “Manifest”. This request will give you all necessary and in Congether configured informations for the specific app, version, device and installation.

This request will return the “Congether Manifest”. An object, which contains all necessary informations for all modules in one object.

From here, you can get the information, if a new version of the app is available, Conductor-Configurations, etc.

For detailed informations: view the Swagger-Documentation

Module-Specific Actions

Tracer (/event)

To use Tracer for your application, you can use the “Event”-Action. In this action, you can post a list of events to the Congether Tracer-Module.

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