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How to connect an Application with Congether

With Congether, you have several possibilities to connect your application. The basis of the interface is a simple Web API, the so called “Endpoint API”. 

With this API, which is also completely documented with Swagger/OpenAPI, you can connect every application in any framework and programming language, which can handle HTTP-requests.

Additional, there are some SDKs available, which are open-source and can be used for several frameworks. Right now, Angular and Microsoft .NET is supported, but more will follow lately.

Connect your Application with Congether Endpoint API


For each request, you have to authenticate to the Endpoint API. This will work with a “Endpoint-Token”, your “Application Identifier” and a “Secret”. All this informations, you’ll get in the application-details, which are described here.


The Endpoint-Token will be used to build the specific URL for your request. Each request-url is build like this: 


The endpoint-token will be used to clarify, which application is making the request.


In each request, additional to the correct URL – a header with the Key “X-Congether-Sign” is required. This header will contain the secured hash-value (HMACSHA256) of your UTF8-Body of the request, secured with the given “Secret”.

This will sign your request and the Endpoint-API can verify, that with the Endpoint-Token and the shared Secret, the signature of the request is correct and will perform handling your request. 

Request Structure

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