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Manage Configuration-Sets

You can manage your Configuration-Sets either in the Application-Detail, Device-Detail or Installation-Detail pages.

To open Conductor, click on the menu-item “Conductor” on the menu on top of the page. 


You’ll see a list of already existing Configuration-Sets. You can simply create a new one by clicking “Add new Configuration” or edit one by clicking on the individual Configuration-Set.

Configuration-Set Editor

In this editor, you can now select dependent of your entrance-point (Application, Device, Installation) several parameters. If you enter the editor in an application, you can select a specific application-version.

Note: Each Configuration-Set in its characteristic can only exist one time. You cannot create two configuration-sets.



You can add boolean-values if you want to define a simple boolean-value (“true”/”false”).


This value-type will represent a numeric value. 


This value-type will represent a string-value (alphanumeric).


This value-type will represent a simple timestamp.

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