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Cloud and Appliances

OVA Image

Currently, you can use the OVA-image for simply installing it with different hypervisors.

OVA-Image: Download here

Operating System: Debian 9.0
Host-Name: congether-appliance
User: usr-congether
Password (root and user): 1c0ng3th3r

This image contains a Congether-installation including a local MongoDB Community-instance and an nginx-proxy.

Important Informations

We highly recommend to update your Congether installation before the first use. The appliances are not always equipped with the latest updates.

To do so, please log in as root and execute following script.

 curl https://static.congether.com/installation/congether-debian.sh | sudo bash

Azure Template

We’re working on an Azure template. Please review this page, to see if there’s any news about it.

Host in AWS

To host Congether in Amazon AWS, you can use the OVA-Image and import it. Read the Amazon Docs about this, here.

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