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Docker installation

Install the predefined Congether-Stack including MongoDB and nginx.

If you want to start with Congether easily and without hazzle by installing prerequisites, you can use the predefined package, which provides automatically a Congether, a MongoDB and Nginx-Image.

For this installation-method a “Docker-Compose” repository is available, which provides you all necessary docker-compose.yml and Dockerfiles. 

To start with this, clone the Git-repository 

Open your Terminal, navigate to the cloned repository-directory. After that, you can pull and run the images simply by following command.

docker-compose up -d

Congether-Image only

The Docker-image for Congether is hosted on Docker-Hub.


Therefore you can simply pull and run the image with following command.

docker run schnell/congether

Configure Image

To configure the listening-port and also the database-connection, which Congether is using, you can define following environment-variables in docker.


This environment-variable will define the MongoDB-connection-string. 

Default-Value (default Docker-image): mongodb://localhost:27017/congether
Default-Value (predefined Docker-Compose-image): mongodb://congether-mongodb:27017/congether


Default name of the database in your MongoDB-instance.

Default-Value: congether


The default listening-pattern for the Congether-instance.

Default-Value: http://*:5000

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