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System architecture and prerequisites

To be able to use Congether, you’ll need to install a few prerequisites. 
The following Image shows a recommended architecture for your Congether-Environment.

Recommended system-architecture

Runtime: .NET Core

Congether is running as a .NET Core-Application and therefore, requires the .NET Core Runtime in the Version 2.1. If you decide not to use a predefined appliance or the Congether Docker-Image, you’ll have to install it first. 

You’ll find the installation-instructions for .NET Core Runtime 2.1 at

Data storage: MongoDB

Congether stores all data in a MongoDB Database. If you want to use a manual installation or the default Docker-Image, you’ll have to provide or install a MongoDB Instance.

To install the free MongoDB Community-Edition, all neccessary informations are provided on this web-page:

HTTP Server: nginx (optional)

If you want to use Congether in production, we highly recommend the usage of an HTTP/Reverse-Proxy-Server like nginx. With the HTTP-Proxy-Server you’ll be able to make Congether securely acessable (HTTPS) and use load-balancing. 

To install the open-source version of nginx, please consider following web-page: https://nginx.org/en/

Microsoft also provide a guideline, on how to use nginx with a .NET Core Application: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/host-and-deploy/linux-nginx

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