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Understanding Tracer

Tracer supports you to analyze and monitor your application. You can define several Tracer-Items to configure, what and how can be logged.

With the Tracer-Analyzer, you can simply analyze the traced informations from your endpoints.

To begin with the Tracer-Module, simply navigate to your application and click on “Tracer” on the main-menu on the upper side of the page.

There you can either define so called log-items or metric-items. Log items are simple messages with any data-content you like. The metric items can be used for measurable, numeric values. This informations are perfect for analyzing the data in Tracer Analyzer.


The possibilities are endless and completely up to you. Here are some examples on how to use Tracer.


  • Error-Messages in case of an unwanted behavior
  • Log which function a user currently uses in your application, so you can analyze which feature is used by which users
  • Simple messages from your endpoint


  • Measure sensor-data
  • Measure CPU-Usage, Memory-Usage, etc.
  • Measure the Time for individual actions, to analyze, where your application may have performance-issues

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