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With groups, you can categorizes and summarize installations or details. If you use Conductor, you can furthermore even set specified configuration-sets for specific groups. This provides better handling of your devices and installations.

Manage a group

Click on the item “Groups” in the application menu-bar. You get now a list-view of all your groups. Click on one of it or on the “create”-Button to create a new one.

A group has a “identifier”, which is used to display a group-reference. Additional you can give every group an “description”, which describes, which objects you want to summarize in this group. There’s also a “reference”-field, where you can set an internal reference. If you use groups for example to categorize devices by your customers and have a group for each of them, you can set your customer-id as this reference.

In the group-detail page, you see all informations about this group, can navigate to the included installations and devices and be able to create new configuration-sets in Conductor.

List of groups

Add a device or installation to a group

In the installation- and device-detail page you’ll find a field named “Group”. There you can see the currently references group or can set the reference with a click on the “link” button.

Installation details including the “Group” -field

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