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If your application is configured, to handle installations, you can manage and use all Congether-modules on installation level.

Installations of an application

To see all installations of an application, open a application-detail page and click on “Installations” at the menu-bar. 

You can now list all installations of the given application and filter them by the Installation-ID.

Installations of an device

Equally to the installations per application, you can open the device-detail page and click on “Installations” at the menu-bar. 

You’ll see now all installations for the specific device.


In the detail-page for the installation, you can see following informations.


The Installation-ID is a unique ID (GUID), which is assigned by Congether, the first time, the installation is provisioned. The ID will be used everywhere, to identify the instance of a given installation.


The Identifier of the Application, which is related to this installation.


The provisionings will be held as a list in the installation. With this informations, the history of all provisioning-actions (application-updates for example) can be comprehended.

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