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Set up

After you’ve successfully installed and started Congether, you’re able to use it. To do that, open your preferred web-browser and open the specified and configured URL. In most cases this is “http://localhost:5000”. If you’ve used the predefined Congether-Stack for Docker, the URL is probably “http://localhost”. 

Navigate to the given URL, and you’ll see following page. 

Congether Setup-Page

The page is separated into three segments.


In the segment “Administrator”, you’ll be asked for an administrator-account. Please type in your administrator-mail address and a given password with at least 5 charachters. 

Mail-Settings (optional)

Congether will send users mails at various events. Please fill out the SMTP-Server informations, which you want to use, when Congether sends an mail to your users.

SMTP-Server Address: Host to your SMTP-Server (e.g. smtp.mycomany.com)
SMTP-Port: Port to use for sending mails (mostly 25 for unsecured servers and 465 for servers, which are using SSL/TLS encryption).
Username: Optional user-name for the SMTP-Authentication
Password: Optional password for the SMTP-Authentication
Use SSL/TLS: Set, if a SSL/TLS encryption is used by your SMTP-server.
Mailer Address: The mail address, which is used to send the mails.
Mailer Name: The name, which should be displayed as sender.

Terms and Conditions

Accept the Terms and Conditions, which you can also find here. 

Complete Setup

After you’ve typed in all necessary informations (Administrator-Account and accept the Terms and Conditions), you’re good to go. Click on “Let’s start” to complete the setup and go to the Login-Page.

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