Your partner for anything beyond ‘deploy’.

Software teams around the globe are developing software just with one focus. Deliver the users a gorgeous experience and helping companies to resolve problems.

Congether helps this software-teams, making their software customizable, even after deploying and helping to get informations from all end-devices around the globe.

Managing Applications, Versions, Devices and Installations

The application ecosystem in your hand.

Manage Applications in Congether and configure, how the app can be provisioned. Add versions or let them automatically create for you. In Addition, every Application can provision installations. With this, you can use your Congether-modules like Conductor down to the level of installations. So you’re able to configure – or to monitor with Tracer – every single installation.

With Congether IoT you’ll also be able to manage devices and let you combine multiple installations different apps with one device. This will enable you much more possibilities in the IoT-segment. With this features, you can for example track your devices with multiple applications on it around the globe.

Let your applications play in sync.

Congether lets you configure your application from a central point, anywhere your application is installed. 

With the centralized configuration, you’re able to change the behavior of your software with one click. Use it for migrations, to change endpoints (e.g. database-connections), use it for activate or disable different features (e.g. beta-tests) or change the behavior of levels, if you’re developing games.

You combine all configurations as different “configuration-sets”. Each configuration-set can be assigned to a specified app and version, device (if you use Congether IoT) down to the level of installations. 

This means, each end-device will get its own composed configuration, which contains only the effective configuration, based on its installation, device, version and application.

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Congether Tracer

Your nerve-center of applications

Every application handles many informations in their runtime. These informations are often necessary to find errors, performance-issues or simply are required for the operational work. 

With Congether Tracer you can define, which informations all your applications and installations around the world you want to monitor and to analyze. Find errors before they become a problem or help that one customer with that outliner-installation which always makes problems. Trace timings, to find performance-issues and maybe adjust your resources, before you run into a problem. Let your IoT-applications send all sensor-informations to Congether, to keep an eye on them anywhere around the globe.

Congether Tracer is the tool if it comes to simply trace any informations out of your applications.

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